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Movable smoke curtains

Movable smoke curtains are installed in a situation where it is not possible to use permanent baffles of smoke. Due to its construction can be connected in modules which allows you to create security of unlimited dimensions. Extensive use of curtains allows for mounting them in public and commercial buildings.

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Movable smoke curtains

Operating principle

Coat of the movable smoke curtain is wound on the shaft and due to a drive motor or the mechanical brake is hold in the open position. In the case of fire the coat curtain is released and close the fire zone.

For versions with mechanical drive in case power failure leads to drop curtain. In order to correct actuation of the curtain with drive motor all electric cables are protected against fire and mechanical damage.

Movable smoke curtains

Classification of smoke curtains

Classification of smoke curtains EN 12101-1 due to work time and temperature:

D30 30 minut DH30 30 minut
D60 60 minut DH60 60 minut
D90 90 minut DH90 90 minut
D120 120 minut DH120 120 minut
DA >120 minut DHA >120 minut
Movable smoke curtains

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