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Immovable smoke curtains

Smoke curtains function is to control the movement spread of the smoke / fire in a building, through the creation of an appropriate barrier.

This can be done by:

  • creating a smoke reservoir through collection and transport constraints smoke
  • referral the smoke in the direction predetermined,
  • preventing or delaying accumulation of smoke to the other zones or air voids.

More informations

Immovable smoke curtains

Classification of smoke curtains

Classification of smoke curtains according with EN 12101-1 due to work time and temperature:

D30 30 min DH30 30 min
D60 60 min DH60 60 min
D90 90 min DH90 90 min
D120 120 min DH120 120 min
DA >120 min DHA >120 min


Immovable smoke curtains

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